A SimpleLIFT is a Face and Neck lift that rejuvenates the appearance of the cheeks, jowls and neck. In essence, it “turns back the clock” making you look years younger. It is a surgical procedure performed in an Operating Room.

A SimpleLIFT is different from a traditional “Facelift” because Dr. Palma has developed a technique, which enables him to keep the benefits of the old traditional procedure while limiting or minimizing the aggressive portions. The result is a total package priced at about half the cost of the old procedure and with less “downtime”. Since the surgery can be comfortably done under local anesthesia most patients can return to work and regular activities in less than a week.

This is truly a Simplified Concept in Face/Neck lifting, a 21st Century version of the traditional time-tested procedures that are known to yield superb long-lasting results. For most patients, male and female, the results are the same as the more aggressive traditional procedures and will last just as long.

A way of understanding how Dr. Palma came up with the SimpleLIFT is to look back at Facelifts over the last 50 years.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Plastic Surgeons would lift by pulling only on the skin. The farther they lifted the skin from the face, the better the results, but patients would end up sometimes looking tight, unnatural and “windblown” and often the results did not last long. Although these early Facelifts dealt with loose skin, they did not address problems of excess fat, especially in the neck, nor did they deal with the underlying loose muscles and ugly neck bands or “turkey gobbles”.

The 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s saw revolutionary advances in Face-lifting. Plastic Surgeons began removing and sometimes adding fat and going into the deeper layers of the face and neck to tighten and modify these deeper structures (muscles and fascia). This resulted in remarkable re-sculpting and contouring of the cheeks, jowls and neck, with a more natural look and longer lasting results. The trade-off was more aggressive surgery, usually requiring deeper or general anesthesia, sometimes overnight admission to the surgical facility and more bruising and swelling with prolonged “downtime”. The costs also escalated proportionally.

Along came the 21st Century. Busy patients demanded less expensive Facelifts with less downtime. National commercial franchises surfaced with alluring names, saturating television and other media with their promise of a “quick fix” to the aging problem at a much lower cost.

Dr. Palma began to see more and more dissatisfied patients who had undergone such procedures. With his over 25 years of experience and special interest in facial cosmetic surgery, he noticed the flaws in these procedures.

Dr. Palma conceptualized and introduced the SimpleLIFT to answer the unmet need of these patients. Initially, he believed he would be offering them “less for less”, but to his amazement, that was not the case. By keeping the features that advanced the art of the surgery, but avoiding some of the more aggressive steps, he came up with a simplified procedure without sacrificing results that is applicable to most men and women.

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